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Dental Care

Taking care of your pets' teeth is an important part of taking care of their health!

Did you know that "doggie breath" can actually be a sign of a much greater problem? The majority of dogs and cats over three years old suffer from peridontal disease, deterioration of the gums and bones that support the teeth. Left untreated, the resulting bacteria enters the bloodstream and can cause infection and damage to the kidneys, heart, lungs and liver. Peridontal disease has been called "the silent killer" of pets.

Our preventative oral care products from TropiClean help kill the germs and bacteria that cause plaque buildup. With this "no brushing required" system you can significantly improve your pets dental health!





 Clean Teeth Gel Kit     Fresh Mint Foam  Water Additive  Fresh Breath Treats
 Removes plaque and tartar
 No brushing required!
 Easy applicator
 4 oz 
 Kills germs that cause bad breath
 No brushing required
 Convenient foaming applicator
 4.5 oz
 Prevents plaque and tartar
 No brushing required
 Simple daily maintenance
 16 oz
 Natural dental chews
 Texture helps clean teeth
 Dogs love them!
 5 oz
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